Abdullah Awan

Youngest emerging Japan based Pakistani entrepreneur, businessman and social media activist.

Abdullah Awan- A short story

Abdullah Awan 

12 September 2000

Single / Never Married

Abdullah Awan is a famous Pakistani Tech Expert, Businessman, and internet celebrity born in Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Currently, He is Living in Japan . He was born on 12 September 2000.

 Abdullah Awan was born on 12 September 2000, in the village of Bunchattar, Neelum Valley, AJK. He spent the early years of his life there and got elementary education. He was very generous from a very young age and tried to help people by raising charity funds and providing necessary things to the needy.  He always wanted to be someone who works at the frontline while helping humanity.

 Abdullah Awan was very much concerned about poverty, lack of education, and lack of basic essentials in society. So he started raising funds for the needy and helped them by providing shelter and food. Abdullah Awan is a humanity lover.  He is a young, passionate tycoon currently running a non-profit organization named Abdullah Awan Foundation. The main purpose is to help the needy and poor people who are helpless in certain areas of their life. Their foundation is helping them in every way specifically in Kashmir, and generally all over Pakistan.

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Abdullah Awan currently lives in Yokohama, Japan. You can get in touch with him here

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